• Bodrum Organic Tahini
  • Koska Sesame Paste 300g

    Koska Sesame Paste – Tahin 300g

    Sesame Paste aka tahin or tahini, is made from 100% natural ingredients. It has a rich sesame sweetness, and is used widely in Middle Eastern cuisine especially in breakfast.

  • Koska Sesame Paste - Tahin

    Koska Sesame Paste – Tahin 620g

    Tahini is produced from 100% sesame seeds and Koska tahini products are completely natural. It does not contain additives. Tahini is a food rich in fat content.

  • Seyidoglu Tahina 300g

    Seyidoglu Tahina 300g

    Seyidoğlu, which produces under hygienic conditions in modern facilities, carries the flavors in Turkish cuisine to the present day, while remaining faithful to traditional recipes and maintaining the same quality and taste.

  • Bodrum Tahini Sesame Seed Paste Molasses 300g