• Gama Chickpeas - Nohut 1kg
  • Istanbul Lentils Whole

    Istanbul Lentils Whole (Kirmizi Mercimek) 1kg

    Istanbul Red Lentil – Mercimek 1 kg. Is one of the delicious legumes that you can choose both as a salad and as a soup. With its filling structure, you can prepare delicious soups for your children by mixing it with various vegetables.

  • Gama Argentina White Beans 1kg
  • Bodrum Freekeh Wheat - Firik Bugday 1kg
  • Biona Organic Baked Beans
  • TRS Butter Beans 500g
  • Fudco Soya Mince Mini 250g
  • Bodrum Coarse Polenta Bramata Kalın Mısır Unu 1kg 
  • Istanbul Coarse Bulgur

    Istanbul Pilavlik Coarse Bulgur 1kg

    Istanbul Pilavlik Coarse Bulgur is produced from durum wheat without human touch. It is suitable for making meatballs.

  • Biona Organic Cannellini Beans 400g
  • Fudco Phool Makhney 150g
  • Natco Red Lentils 500g
  • Bodrum Mung Beans Mas Fasulye 1kg

    Bodrum Mung Beans Maş Fasulye 1kg

    Bodrum Beans can be cooked easily and prepared faster, displays a candidate to take its place among the more preferred products thanks to this feature.

  • Biona Organic Red Kidney Beans 400g
  • TRS Popping Corn 2kg
  • Gama Pearl Barley - Arpa 1kg
  • Fudco Quinoa White Kodri 400g
  • Bodrum Cous Cous Kuskus 1kg
  • Bodrum Speckled Dark Green Lentils 1kg

    Bodrum Speckled Dark Green Lentils 1kg

    Bodrum Lentil takes its place in our kitchen with its taste and filling. The fibrous structure of red lentils helps you feel full for a long time.


    Deroni Fasole Bob Ales 1kg

    With Deroni you can cook curries or to add in your soup and stew. The Fasole -Beans in Romania- can also be indulged as a light snack for a healthy lifestyle.