• Pudliszki Bigos Cabbage Stew with Meat 500g
  • Pudliszki Flaki with Beef Tripe in Broth 500g
  • Pudliszki Gulasz Pork & Beef Goulash 500g
  • Heinz Baked Beans With Pork Sausages
  • Pudliszki Klopsiki Pork Meatballs in Tomato Sauce 500g
  • Princes 8 Hot Dogs 400g

    Princes 8 Hot Dogs 400g

    Hot dogs made with mechanically recovered chicken and pork in brine

  • Compass Pork in Beans Stew 300g

    Compass Pork in Beans Stew 300g

    Pork meat bits in deliciously prepared beans with added onions, tomato sauce and spices is what we recommend for a hot and hot lunch or dinner.

  • Compass Beef in Peas Stew

    Compass Beef in Peas Stew 300g

    A sweet-scented and palatable dish made of lean and richly seasoned beef in mouth-watering peas, onions and tomatoes as addition.

  • Compass Chirpan's Rissoles 300g
  • Profi Poultry Pate With Tomatoes & Peppers 131g
  • Compass Tripe Soup

    Compass Tripe Soup 300g

    Favourite, nutrient and delicious soup, prepared of veal tripe and milk. juicy meatballs, covered with savoury white sauce will bring your childhood memories back.

  • Pudliszki Golabki Stuffed Cabbages 500g
  • Olympia Tocana de Legume - Vegetable Stew 314ml
  • Lowicz Kociolek Rosyjski 580g
  • Gołąbki w sosie pomidorowym 580g ŁOWICZ
  • Princes Corned Beef 200g

    Princes Corned Beef 200g

    The Nation’s favourite Corned Beef, made with 100% beef. Slices best after a chill in the fridge.

  • Compass Chicken in Peas

    Compass Chicken in Peas 300g

    The delicate taste of chicken meat in green peas, flavoured with tomatoes, onions and spices will carry you away.