• Yorem Tortilla (Dürüm) 30cm 1.5kg
  • Usas Pomegranate Tea

    Usas Pomegranate Tea 250g

    Best Usas Pomegranate Tea harvest are going to brew your lovely mornings.

  • Bodrum Roasted Salted Black Sunflower Seeds
  • Eti Tutku Cacao Cream

    Eti Tutku With Cacao Cream Biscuits 210g

    Tutku With Cacao Cream goes well with tea and coffee with its liquid chocolate cream in its crispy mosaic biscuit.

  • Bodrum Roasted Unsalted Black Sunflower Seeds 300g
  • Bodrum Unsalted Corn Snacks 400g
  • Eti Baby Biscuits

    Eti Cicibebe Baby Biscuits 1000g

    Eti Cicibebe Baby Biscuits, specially prepared for babies, instantly dissolves in liquids such as milk or fruit juice and takes the consistency of food. Containing 12 different vitamins and 7 different minerals, the biscuit stands out with its nourishing feature.

  • Dimes Pomegranate Juice 1L
  • Ulker Petibor Biscuit 1kg
  • Dimes Sour Cherry Nectar Drink

    Dimes Sour Cherry Nectar Drink 1L

    Dimes Sour Cherry Nectar Drink is fresh taste of cherries. It will fresh up your days with just one glass of it.

  • Peach Nectar Juice Drink
  • Biscolata Stix Biscuit Snack

    Biscolata Stix Biscuit Snacks Coated with Milk Chocolate 34gr

    Enjoy this unique taste and crunchy bite as a perfect complement to your coffee or as an on-the-go snack throughout the day. Made with just a handful of natural ingredients, these individually wrapped cookies are ideal for the service sector: coffee bars, office break rooms, or next to any coffee machine in any environment giving customers a little something extra to enjoy with their cup of coffee!

  • Ulker Sesame Sticks Cracker 4 Pack
  • Yorem 12 Tortilla (Dürüm) 30cm 1kg
  • Oz-Yil Ucgen Yufka Pastry Leaves
  • Bodrum Garlic with Vinegar 700g
  • Doganay Acili Salgam Suyu 1L

    Doganay Acili Salgam Suyu 1L

    Salgam, a traditional beverage with many health benefits, is not only to be consumed with food but also as an energiser throughout the day.

  • usas-apple-tea
  • Bodrum Dried Fig Jam (Kuru Incir Receli)

    Bodrum Dried Fig Jam 380g

    Strawberry jam, which does not contain colouring and additives, is used with pleasure in decorating breakfast tables, tea times, treats, desserts and ice cream.